Online bullying not only impacts personally - it costs.

Thursday, December 14 2017

According to an academic study the annual cost of workplace bullying in the UK at £13billion. That’s cost to businesses that they can well do without.

With the rise of digital and online communications between businesses and individuals that figure is certain to rise.

Workplace cyber-bullying has the potential to impact on staff wellbeing, reduce productivity and destroy a person's sense of job satisfaction. It also has the capacity to impact away from the workplace – at home, at the gym anywhere where someone is online.

It may take various forms but the most common forms of cyber-bullying are: threats via email; sending offensive emails; making comments on social media sites; and spreading lies and malicious gossip via messaging and chat.

And it can be carried out via any electronic means such as text messages, phone calls and social media (including Facebook and Twitter).

Businesses can help themselves by having robust policies in place to protect staff and themselves. Safeguards on social media use and digital communications is vital to ensuring business is quick, efficient and cost effective, whilst protecting the people who use it.

Many companies also actively engage managers to spot the signs and carry out appropriate actions quickly.

But in cases where bullying has occurred it can lead to costly tribunals, loss of productivity and much worse.

Insurance can help protect against the impact on your business. For a range of policies that will keep your business on track speak to one of our dedicated experts.