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Planning for the worst

Unless you have been living in a cave you will have heard about the coronavirus (or Covid-19) sweeping the globe. Cases have been confirmed in Britain with health experts predicting a rise over the coming weeks. Before we all run

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Protecting against extreme weather

Britain has always been known for its rain and general gloomy weather. But in recent years we’ve also had thick snow as well as baking summers. Extremes of weather or not a unique British experience, it’s something that happens all

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Youth football team nets winning deal

A youth football team are celebrating their latest win – a sponsorship deal with a leading Black Country firm. Black Country Phoenix under 13s have netted a deal with award-winning Gravity Risk Services. Stourbridge-based Gravity handed over £500 to sponsor

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Winter warmer for your business

Winter is here and thoughts turn to keep ourselves warm and safe. But what about buildings and businesses? In 2018, Storm Deirdre brought freezing rain, snow and ice to parts of the country. Roads were closed and people carefully headed

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Excuse me, can I interrupt you?

Interruptions are rarely welcome – especially when you’re trying to work. So, imagine if you run your own firm and it’s the business that is interrupted. There could be a million reasons why – flood, fire, IT security, cash

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