Did you know that we can also help you with a number of additional services? We have teamed-up with tried and trusted partners to provide you with some great services!

Here are just a few of our Partnership Services:

For every company that you refer to us which we are appointed to, we will give you 15% of our first year earnings¬† as a ‘thank you’. This will be rebated against your next renewal. All we need are contact names and numbers and we will do the rest!

How do you manage your workplace Health and Safety? Our expert advice can help to build up strong Health and Safety controls.

How do you keep up to date with HR legislation? Are you trapped in a long term agreement with an employment law provider?

How do you ensure you get the best possible treatment if you are ill? Can you afford to be on a lengthy NHS waiting list?

Is your personal property worth over £500,000? If yes, we can help you arrange a bespoke policy to protect all of your personal assets.

How much additional sales would you have to generate if your largest customer went out of business?

There are risks in any business and we want to help you understand what risks you face and how best to deal with the.

We have partnered with Aviva, who have agreed to provide all Gravity clients with their full range of products and services, with preferential rates.

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