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Safety first in the workplace

As the government’s lockdown restrictions start to gradually ease, people are beginning to head back into the workplace in many industries. With heightened awareness about staying safe, now seems the best time to have a look at workplace safety. In

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Coronavirus and insurance, a few thoughts

There’s no doubt that the coronavirus has already had a massive effect on businesses across the country. The government has stepped in with urgent offers of business rate freezes and grants available to businesses. They range from £10,000 for smaller

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Planning for the worst

Unless you have been living in a cave you will have heard about the coronavirus (or Covid-19) sweeping the globe. Cases have been confirmed in Britain with health experts predicting a rise over the coming weeks. Before we all run

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Protecting against extreme weather

Britain has always been known for its rain and general gloomy weather. But in recent years we’ve also had thick snow as well as baking summers. Extremes of weather or not a unique British experience, it’s something that happens all

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Discounts for referrals

Qualify for 20% commission rebate off your next new product purchased by giving the name of a company you know who have at least 10 employees together with a contact name and email address.

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