Cybercrime is one of the fastest growing crimes in the UK.

There were an estimated 3.6 million cases of fraud and two million computer misuse offences in a year.

The Office of National Statistics says around 8,000 people and companies each month reported being the target of a phishing scam, which involves fraudsters accessing valuable personal and company data—such as usernames and passwords.

There are two broad categories of “computer misuse” crimes. Unauthorised access to personal information, including hacking and computer virus, malware or other incidents attacks aimed at online services.

However, while traditional crimes such as burglary and theft fall, criminal gangs look for new opportunities by exploiting gaps in online and banking security. Police forces are working round the clock to equip officers with the key skills to tackle this specialist crime.

It’s not just money these criminals may be after. Email phishing and viruses can lead to loss of sensitive data as well as funds. There’s also the impact on your credibility as a business – how will customers view your company and its failings? In many ways this can have a more damaging and long-lasting impact on the business. There are also fines to consider for data breaches from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Robust online systems are essential in guarding against attacks as well as training staff in what to look out for. Think before you click is the simple advice.

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