The construction industry can be a dangerous place.

In 2016/17 80,000 people experienced a work-related injury or suffered ill health, according to the health and safety executive. There were 30 fatalities and 64,000 non-fatal injuries.

Falls from heights accounted for almost half of all deaths. Trapped by something falling or collapsing also accounted for one in 10 deaths.

Not all incidents result in death but many can still have lasting effects on the individual and the business they work for. Slips, trips and falls are the biggest culprits, but lifting and handling accounts for a fifth of all construction related injuries.

Again, falls from height account for 18 per cent of accidents in construction. It’s clear from this which areas are at most risk and importantly, which areas need most attention when protecting your business.

It’s clear then, that the industry is under intense scrutiny in terms of safety. Incidents can have a massive impact on workforce and the business.

Risk assessments and proper safety measures are essential to guarding against injuries. Taking control measures with contractors and subcontractors and ensuring equipment has been correctly installed and/or assembled is essential.

So is regular inspections of sites and equipment. Ensuring staff have proper training and understanding of the risks and how to prevent them is also a must.

Insurance is the safety net to keep all this together should disaster strike. Our experts have years of experience in helping protect businesses and people.

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