It seems nowhere is safe from cyber criminals these days – even away from the office!

These days, people are well aware of the sophisticated ways hackers can gain access to businesses.

They infiltrate systems and gain access to sensitive data and money which leaves many businesses crippled.

But it’s not always the office they are targeting.

Mobile printers, cars, satnavs and smartphone devices are all vulnerable to attacks.

Failing to guard against them could leave your business vulnerable.

  • Car: Cyber-criminals can exploit vehicles’ wi-fi to change the radio station, work the windscreen wipers and—most frighteningly—cut the gearbox and disable the brakes.
  • Smartwatch: As smartwatches are equipped with sensors to track movement, cyber-criminals can track your movements and figure out your PIN.
  • Sat-nav: Whether it’s a stand-alone device or on your smartphone, cyber-criminals can track your movements through the sat-nav program or even alter the directions to your destination to one of their choosing.
  • Printer: Cyber-criminals can gain access to your wi-fi printer and view what documents you have printed as well as gain access to any device linked to that printer.
  • Refrigerator: Smart refrigerators have a built-in computer that lets you view your calendar, write a grocery list, and even play music and videos. However, it can also allow cyber-criminals to gain access to your home’s internet, infiltrate your accounts and send out malicious emails

The best defence against these threats is a robust cyber-security system, complete with anti-virus and anti-malware software. In addition, you need to make sure you have the right insurance in place should things go wrong.

Here at Gravity Risk Services Ltd we have an award-winning team with years of experience in tailoring the right protection for your business. We can protect your property where hackers will target these devices. Get in touch and we’ll tell you more.