World famous graphic designer, Milton Glaser once said “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and wow!”

Now, while the man behind the famous ‘I NY’ had a point, for those businesses that design physical products – there is a fourth – and it could cost you a lot of money.

If something goes wrong with the design of the product and it doesn’t actually work, has technical difficulties or worse still, injures someone, you could end up being sued by your customer.

Most businesses insure against products liability which will protect them against their legal liabilities to third parties for injury or damage.

However, what happens when there is no injury or damage to third parties or their property, but your customer suffers financial losses? Your ability to recover these liabilities from your insurer will depend on your contractual terms and conditions and the way your policy has been arranged.

Also, most insurance policies exclude cover for failure of a product to perform it’s intended function.

Either way, your business would not be insured under the liability policy leaving you with massive costs.

We can help you arrange suitable liability insurance to protect you against these losses

Benefits include avoiding the need for a separate Professional Indemnity policy, protecting your reputation and cover with the same insurer removes any conflict between underwriters in any grey area.

Glaser also designed the famous psychedelic Bob Dylan poster – but when it comes to protecting your businesses from law suits, best not to take a chance and leave it ‘blowin’ in the wind.