If your business runs a fleet of commercial vehicles make sure your drivers are geared up this winter.

As the cold winter months draw nearer it could make driving on the roads really tricky.

Most businesses are ready for that but how many think about what drivers are wearing? They should – it could invalidate insurance!

Winter always prompts a change in footwear but many insurers have strict rules about what should be worn on the feet. Not adhering to that could invalidate a policy.

If boots or wellies are covered in snow, that too casts doubt on any insurance claim.

There’s a reason for it all – drivers’ boots could get stuck to or slip on the pedals, giving less control over a vehicle. 

The advice from insurers is simple. Always keep a sturdy pair of shoes in your vehicle for driving, ideally ones that can be fastened securely or laced up, and with a good grip on the sole. Correct footwear makes driving a lot less hazardous.

So, what footwear should you be wearing when you drive?

The AA recommends:

  • Soft shoes
  • Thin sole
  • Slight grip
  • Lightweight
  • Not chunky
  • Basic flat shoe or trainer

Your best bet is to always to keep an appropriate pair of shoes in your car, so you don’t get caught out. 

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