As the light at the end of the coronavirus tunnel gets brighter it’s important to think about how we get back to normal – including those mothballed premises that may have been closed for some time!

Thousands of people have converted garages, spare rooms and kitchens into temporary office space over the past 12 months.

Some may have forgotten what their once familiar offices look and feel like, having been shut up for so long.

But that’s where the risk comes in – risk of fire, flood, break-ins and much more.

It is essential we start to identify the risks and make sure we have adequate cover to protect against any hazards.

Maintenance and security must be pretty high on the list to try to make sure empty buildings do not either fall into dangerous disrepair or simply become a target for security breaches.

Water damage from the unchecked leak that has been accumulating over 12 months or other factors can have a huge impact on a business.

Here are some things you can think about:

  • Making regular, recorded checks of premises is essential to not only have a regular presence in the building but to keep tabs on any issues. These should be done every few days so problems do not build up over time
  • Identify any potential hazards and put measures in place to stop them ever happening
  • Think about security – ensure buildings are secure and if necessary, hire a specialist to protect them or install CCTV
  • Repair any existing damage such as broken windows or graffiti immediately – these highlight that premises are vacant and could prompt further attacks
  • Keep emergency services informed where necessary so they can take appropriate action if needed
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance in place . This will save a lot of hassle and money and will mean premises are fully protected if anything happens

At Gravity Risk Services Ltd we have a dedicated team of award-winning professionals to help you make sure your premises and property have the right cover.