Interruptions are rarely welcome – especially when you’re trying to work.

So, imagine if you run your own firm and it’s the business that is interrupted.

There could be a million reasons why – flood, fire, IT security, cash flow, electricity supply and many more. 

But the point is, while your business is not running, you’re losing money! 

It costs the average business £8,755 for a two-week interruption. Insurers reckon 550,000 small businesses have been affected by some sort of down time over the past two years, with the average period of downtime a whopping three months!

That’s a number of potential headaches from staff wages, to paying suppliers to general cash flow.

But it’s not just the financial implications when a business cannot trade for a period of time. There’s the damage to the reputation too. They say reputation is one of the hardest things to build but the easiest to lose – that’s a currency that is vital to many small firms but can be severely damaged by goods and services grinding to a halt.

But help is at hand when it comes to insurance. Here at Gravity Risk Services Ltd we’ve won awards for the way we take the time to get to know your business, analyse what is needed to safeguard against business interruption and then find a suitable way of protecting you.

Our team of experts have had years of working with specialist industries – so we know what we’re talking about.

Get in touch with one of our experts and let us help you protect your business from unwanted interruptions.