Health check for clinical negligence cover

There was a time when “just what the doctor ordered” went hand in hand with holding the medical profession in high esteem.

Unfortunately, nowadays, even healthcare professionals are not immune to litigation.

Department of Health and Social Care released a paper outlining the future for clinical negligence cover for healthcare professionals late last year. In it, they spell out a much needed changes in the way clinical negligence cover is regulated.

Healthcare professionals should hold appropriate clinical negligence indemnity insurance to cover the costs of claims and damages awarded to patients arising out of negligence. The cover can be an insurance policy, an indemnity arrangement, or a mix of both.

It is widely considered that the current system is in need of review. This is partly because indemnity providers who provide cover for many healthcare professionals do so under discretionary arrangements, which could result in costs not being met, and partly because these indemnity providers have no legal obligation to ensure they have the reserves to cover the cost of claims. Either way, someone loses out!

The government is currently consulting on this and the outcome will have a massive impact on the way clinical negligence protection is purchased and regulated.

Thankfully, here at Gravity Risk Services Ltd have an award-winning team of staff who will be able to cut through the jargon of any new changes to make sure you have the right cover.

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