In loving memory

Andy Davidson (1968-2020)

At Gravity Risk Services Ltd, we all feel incredibly fortunate to have known Andy. Whilst he only joined us in 2019, he was known to many of us for 10 years. Andy had the ability to instantly build rapport with anyone. His fun-loving nature and warm personality endeared him to so many. He was always good natured and the first to lift people up with his sharp wit and charisma. 

Andy typified our company values. He was down to earth, always had time for anyone and would go out of his way to support his colleagues. He had an unswerving commitment to help his clients and would do anything to look after them. Always acting with complete integrity, he would fiercely protect his clients’ interests, never being afraid to confront issues in order to get the best possible result for a client. He took time to pass on his knowledge and insight to the Gravity Risk Services Ltd team, doing anything he could to strengthen the business.    

Andy was a devoted husband and father, who selflessly always put the needs of his family first. He would take his sons to and from school every day, guiding them in their life journey. His special bond with his wife Diane was there to be seen by all who met her. He idolised her and his children. They were a truly devoted family unit.     

Andy will be a huge loss to anyone who knew him. We all miss him deeply.