We all like new things – the newer they are the better, right?

Well, mostly. But where it is undeniably a good investment is with people.

Here are Gravity Risk Services Ltd we are always looking for ways to inject new ideas and fresh impetus in our team. One of the ways we have done this recently is with our new team of apprentices.

We have taken on three new faces, who are keenly working their way through what can be a complicated business.

Longer serving staff here have helped us build an award-winning business with their experience and dedication to making sure our customers have the very best level of service.

It’s now important we build for the future and bring in some new, young faces to learn from that experience and inject some new ideas.

Josh Richards and Alice Maley, both finance assistants will be working towards their Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualification, while Luke Love has started on the Chartered Institute’s Apprenticeship programme.

In time, they will all have the three essential ingredients to work here at Gravity Risk Services Ltd – experience, knowledge and passion.

They are three of more than 800,000 apprentices working in the UK at the moment as more and more businesses realise they have to invest in the future – not just from a financial point of view, but also in terms of skills and knowledge.

Josh, Alice and Luke are all doing very well and learning quickly, but what is more important is that we are investing in the next generation of people in the business.