There’s more to life than money, as someone once said.

And that’s never more true when it comes to insurance. Many firms will offer to match the price you have been quoted, focussing on a money-led appeal rather than getting you the right amount of cover you need.

We don’t subscribe to this priced led approach because it assumes the current cover arranged by the holding broker is correct.

Surely it’s about quality, rather than quantity? A cheap car will save you money and get you half way to where you’re going!

Thankfully, here at Gravity Risk Services Ltd, we work hard to save you money, but more importantly, focus on what you need to make sure you’re covered.

Our approach is to do a ‘gap analysis’ which involves reviewing the design of the current policy covers and making recommendations for improvement. Nine out of 10 gap analysis reviews demonstrate the cover provided was not suitable for the company’s needs.

We also undertake a thorough risk survey of the business premises to assess the workplace risks. Importantly, we then take the revised designs to suitable insurers to obtain quotes based on what you NEED rather than what you have GOT.

The review is free and there’s no obligation. For us, it’s very much about making sure we give you the right cover, at the right price, with the right insurer.