We’ve had a year where we have felt under attack. But it’s not just our personal health we have to keep an eye on  – it’s our cyber health!

It’s incredible to think that for many businesses, cyber security isn’t at the top of their agenda.

That is despite small to medium sized businesses coming increasingly under attack with an estimated 65,000 attacks a day!

And they are just the ones that get reported.

In fact, businesses are nine times more likely to be a victim of a cyber attack than a burglary.

The ‘way in’ doesn’t even have to be that sophisticated, it can be a simple opening of an email or clicking a link. But the devastation that these attacks can cause, is less than simple to solve.

Good cyber health should be standard in this day and age with tough anti-virus and malware platforms to keep your IT clean and your business running.

The second line of defence should be insurance. 

With Gravity Risk Services Ltd’s cyber insurance policy you get 24/7 phone access to help from a dedicated expert.

These technical wizards will get your business back up and running as quickly as possible – which is critical to not only business continuity but your reputation with clients.

We’ll also sort retrieving lost data, detailed investigations to look at the cause and much more.

All you need to do is give us a call and talk to one of our advisers who will talk you through the detail. It’s an easy phone call that will help you keep your businesses online in the event of an attack, giving you peace of mind. That’s good for your health too!