Houses are more than just bricks and mortar – they’re people’s homes.

The people who run property management firms should remember this. They are also responsible for meeting their obligations to commercial tenants. By meeting those obligations, they help tenants’ businesses thrive as well as keeping themselves safe from charges of negligence and insurance claims. ​In an age of prosecutions for breaches of health and safety through maintenance neglect, it’s worth landlords familiarising themselves with important legislation. Protecting themselves with comprehensive insurance cover is also essential.

Property safety is vast and wide ranging and includes fire safety, fixtures and fittings, waste management, gas and electricity and much more. Management companies can help themselves. Annual surveys are essential in highlighting any risk and acting on it. Hiring the right contractor is also key in making sure all work is certified and up to standard. A regular inspection programme of that work should also be implemented to make sure it is up to scratch.

Training for staff in the latest legislation is also important – especially in areas such as handling hazardous substances and heavy lifting. A good relationship with local agencies may also be useful in supporting your work.


Finally, and it seems obvious, but making sure you have proper, adequate insurance is essential as a safety net if things go wrong.


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