All work and no play … we all know rest.

Managing staff related misconduct problems inside work can be tricky enough, but what about those things that crop up outside of work.


During work hours, normal HR policies will cover the path needed for disciplinary procedures. But outside work is a totally different matter. There are many problems which could arise which will affect the business’s reputation and even bring productivity to a standstill

Of course, employees can be disciplined for work-related misconduct.

But an employer cannot dictate an employee’s conduct outside working hours, their personal lives being, well, personal. But it’s not always that clear cut. If the employee’s behaviour affects their ability to do their work, impacts on the good name of the employer or its business dealings with others, or affects the relationship with colleagues – that is an entirely different matter.

In these sorts of cases, the employer may be entitled to take appropriate action against the employee.

Disciplining an employee for conduct in their own time needs proof the company has a sufficient and legitimate interest in the employee’s conduct which justifies action being taken. It is important therefore that the employer can show that, despite the conduct not being directly related to the employee’s employment, it impacts on the employment relationship in one way or another.

That’s the HR side of things but what if your employees suffer an accident or can’t work due to long time illness? Did you know you can arrange insurance to pay for ongoing wages, hiring additional staff or cost of paying overtime?