There’s a reason your mum used to tell you to tidy your bedroom – your environment says so much about who you are and what you do.

It’s the same in business – office space says a lot about your staff and more importantly, what you offer.

While websites remain the ‘window’ to your sell, office space can still have a huge impact, and create an immediate impression on clients (or potential clients) if they happen to call in.

Research shows up to 75per cent of lost business is based on first impressions. 

And it’s not only your potential clients that could be put off by your poor office space. It won’t help morale or productivity if office spaces are not comfortable, inspiring and welcoming places. After all, staff can spend a lot of time there.

Here are a few things to think about: 

Reception Area

  • Ensure your reception area is clear of clutter, parcels and paperwork to avoid looking disorganised. A welcoming atmosphere can be created with a seated waiting area and comfy soft furnishings.

The Importance of Design

  • Office furniture might not be the most exciting purchase your business ever makes, but a well-thought-out space can make all the difference. Does your office suit your business? Do you want to appear friendly, informal and creative? Corporate and professional? Identify your business’s personality and choose seating, colours and wall art to match. 
  • How much space do you have? Try to avoid cramming lots of furniture into a small room to avoid looking overcrowded as it may make your operations feel hectic.  

Business History

  • Does your office space show off your corporate identity? Be proud of who you are – try displaying key moments in the business’s history on the walls, creatively print your brand values onto posters, or ask staff for their favourite motivational quotes.


  • It might sound obvious, but untidy or downright dirty premises will give the wrong idea about your business and its priorities. Even if there are only a couple of you, employing a local cleaning service is an investment worth making.  

People Power

  • Your staff are your greatest asset – make the most of them! A 2014 study looked at the idea that personalisation in the office allows employees to express who they are, and suggested staff may even use the opportunity to display thank-you notes which demonstrate their competency, training certificates, or pieces of their best work.

Above & Beyond

  • Think about the little things that could make life better for staff and visitors. Spending a few extra pennies of the office budget on providing a coat rack will prevent staff from becoming annoyed at jackets trailing from the back of chairs – which can also pose a health and safety hazard. 

And last but not least, after you’ve got your perfect office space, make sure it’s adequately covered by insurance. Protecting your hard-earned office space is the right thing to do. Mum would be proud!