We provide advice on over 100 products across all trade sectors. Our expert advisors work with a wide range of industries and have a proven track record in delivering high quality services.

Some of our product solutions include:

Material Damage

When disaster strikes we can protect your assets including loss or damage caused by fire, explosion, theft, storm and flood or burst pipes. With Gravity you can ensure you have peace of mind in times of adversity.

Business interruption

This product helps you through the rough patches and gets you back up and running after a fire or other disaster. There are many covers available from the very basic loss of earnings following damage to your premises to supply chain interruptions.

Employers/Public/Products Liability

This protects against claims made by employees for workplace injuries and by third parties for injury or damage to their property. Policies include legal defence costs from actions brought against you.


If your goods are being transported and experience a loss on route, this cover will reimburse you for the lost or damaged items, including the cost of manufacture. Cover can apply anywhere in the world.

Management Risks

In our increasingly litigious society, claims against directors and companies are all too common. Our bespoke protection includes professional indemnity, directors and officers liability, entity defence, employment practices liability, crime, pension trustees liability, cyber liability and many more.

Motor Fleet

If you own more than one vehicle used for your business, we can help you protect them. This is often more cost effective and also provides wider cover than individual vehicle policies.

Contract Works

If you are a contractor working on third party premises, there is a risk of damage to the third party property as well as loss or damage to your own plant and tools. We can help you carefully choose the right protection.

Cyber Risks

It is no surprise that today one of the biggest threats to a companies well being comes in the form of Cyber attacks. Gravity ensures that you are in safe hands.


…and many more!

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