Cyber-attacks can be expensive for businesses, but what about charities with often very limited financial resources?

Latest figures show that online attacks against charities are almost as frequent as those invading businesses.

And while businesses may have available funds and infrastructure to deal with such attacks, in many cases, charities do not.

Recent data from the Department for Digital, Media, Culture and Sport’s annual Cyber-security Breaches Survey found that more than 20 per cent of charities have suffered at least one data breach in the past 12 months, with the average cost totalling £9,470 per charity.

That will have a significant effect on the people charities work so hard to protect.

As a result of the attacks, cyber-crime is now ranked as a high priority for many charities as it looks to protect their hard-earned donation. Many have implemented top security to protect their organisations but it doesn’t stop there.

Charities should regularly review their online protection against cyber-attacks to make sure it is fit for purpose.

They should also have a designated member of the team whose job it is to over-see the protection of the charity online. They should also ensure staff are properly trained to spot potential issues such as attacks through emails.

Not only that, they should make sure they have adequate insurance cover should the worst happen. There are specific policies which can go a long way to protecting money, stock and the workforce in the event of an attack.

The number of attacks will only grow until charities and businesses get to grips with the task ahead.

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