We see our role as being more than just a friendly Insurance broker. As your trusted advisor, we want to help you to benefit from other ‘tried and trusted’ risk services. We have built relationships with risk related service partners who share the same ethos and advice led approach to business. We don’t receive any referral fees for introducers, we just like recommending good people for you to use.

risk services - accountants
risk services - financial services
risk services - credit insurance

Your Accountant is more than just someone to prepare financial reports or advise on tax. A good Accountant knows your business inside out.

We work with local Accountants who assist with all aspects from self assessments and Payroll, through to complex tax matters.

Financial Planners help you to meet your financial objectives and guide you on your financial journey.

Among other services, our recommended partners can assist with pension planning, investments, savings and Life Assurance.

How much additional sales would you have to generate to if your largest customer went out of business?

Our partners can help to protect you against unforeseen bad debts and also assist with monitoring the creditworthiness of your customers. 

risk services - risk management
risk services - employment law
risk services - health and safety

There are risks in any business and we want to help you understand what risks you face and how best to deal with the.

We have partnered with Aviva, who have agreed to provide all Gravity clients with their full range of products and services, with preferential rates.

How do you keep up to date with HR legislation? Are you trapped in a long term agreement with an employment law provider?

Our recommended partners, work on a ‘pay as you go’ basis provided by a close knit team of experienced advisors. 

How do you manage your workplace Health and Safety risks?

We have links to a company who can help you to reduce and manage your risks. We work closely with our H&S partners, finding out what they have done to reduce your workplace risks and, in turn, we demonstrate this to your insurers which helps us to contain your insurance costs……a true win/win!


Our trusted partners Superfast IT, are IT support and cyber security specialists. Existing Gravity Risk Services clients can benefit from a FREE Cyber Health Check to uncover whether you meet Cyber Insurance policy terms and guidance if you are falling short.

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