Sshh, don’t let this get out, but coming to work can make you ill!

But before you schedule a team meeting to check the HR policy on absenteeism, take a look at what you can do to improve the office around you.

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a real thing and air quality plays a massive part in whether or not your staff are well at work.

Headaches, blocked or runny nose, dry or itchy skin, sore eyes, rashes and tiredness are all symptoms of poor air quality and a “sick building”.

Clearly, the health and wellbeing of staff is fundamental to running a successful business.

There’s lots you can do to improve the environment you work in – particularly air quality.

• Look at where office furniture is placed. Bunching up into small, compact areas away from windows can have a huge effect.

• Avoid procedures and products that cause indoor air quality problems.

• open windows to improve ventilation, if you can

• not set the temperature too high (aim for about 19C) and don’t change it lots of times during the day

• try to reduce workplace stress

• take regular screen breaks if you use a computer

• go outside for some fresh air during lunchtime and other breaks

At Gravity Risk Services Ltd, we understand the importance of workplace health. We have a range of health and building insurance packages to help support you in creating happy, healthy work environments. Your staff and your customers will thank you in the long run – and it will also save on paper from all those sick notes!