We’re all having to think differently at the moment – and going to work is very much a part of that.

For years the daily commute to the office has been a bit of a chore, before you’ve even put pen to paper, stacked your first delivery or answered your first email.

Now office environments are very different places. Coronavirus has brought a whole new dimension to office management – both for employees and those people with the task of keeping them open and safe.

People are starting to return to offices and workplaces, bringing a whole new set of important considerations.

They must be places where work can continue as ‘normal’ as possible, but also places where people doing that work can feel and be safe.

The government has issued some helpful advice on who should come to work, social distancing, cleaning and much more.

People will now be asked to think about safety before productivity – something that office managers will have to get used to.

Advice includes thinking about how to maintain social distancing to keep yourself and colleagues safe, PPE and face coverings, managing customers and visitors and every aspect of the working day.

On top of that, office managers and business owners need to think about insurance – how do we protect businesses and employees from a range of issues? It is important to make sure businesses are adequately covered – thankfully we have an award-winning team to help you do this.

During these troubled times our expert advisers are available to speak over the phone or face to face via the many digital video tools that are available.

And of course, all of the latest government advice on returning to work can be found here https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/offices-and-contact-centres