Arson is a growing threat for the construction sector costing businesses millions of pounds a year, according to government figures.

Besides the obvious damage to buildings and stock, there’s business continuity to consider.

Home Office figures suggest 40 per cent of all fires are arson and it costs businesses around £400million a year.

That means businesses grind to an expensive halt! Weakened or destroyed buildings, compensation claims for injury, loss of business, increased insurance premiums… the list goes on.

As a property owner, you are responsible for fire safety on your property. That means you need to think about ways someone could start a fire on your premises—and reduce your risk by being prepared. A risk assessment is an essential part of any business, along with inspections and the latest safety compliance.

By reviewing and changing security arrangements as the circumstances of a site changes, the potential for damage can be limited. For example, if flammable materials are being used on a job, the foreman should ensure they are stored safely and kept out of reach of any fire or criminal interference.

Insurance can also help give you peace of mind and provide a financial safety net when disaster strikes.

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