Floods in France, Hurricane Michael batters the US and high winds wreak havoc in Britain – the weather can have a devastating impact anywhere in the world.

The rising rivers in France have claimed the lives of several people, while dozens of people are still missing following the hurricane which hit north-west Florida last month (October).

Closer to home, emergency crews have been dealing with damage to property caused by very high winds.

Protecting your property is essential not only to make sure buildings are secure, but to also guard against loss of business. When buildings are damaged it can have a devastating impact on the business – costing firms money!

There’s lots you can do to protect your premises from the impact of weather:

  • Keep property in good repair, Poorly maintained properties can suffer more in bad weather, and in some cases, it can affect your policy.
  • Secure the external workings of the property such as bin or storage areas.
  • Have a plan for when bad weather strikes so staff know what to do.
  • And of course, make sure you have adequate insurance to cover your building and your business.

Proper insurance means you can continue with your daily business, safe in the knowledge that if something did happen, it’s not going to have such a huge impact on what you do.

Our experts have a fantastic track record in finding the right cover to suit your business needs.