Work experience at Gravity Risk Services – what to expect, from Mia!


Over the past month here at Gravity Risk Services, we have had the pleasure of welcoming Mia on her work experience placement. Mia has made a big impression, helping to complete various tasks around the office and assimilating wonderfully into the Gravity team, despite only being with us a short time.

We asked Mia to describe what her experience working at Gravity Risk Services has been like, so take it away!

1.Tell us a little bit about you, where you’re from, what you’re studying/studied, etc.

Having studied Politics, English and Art A level at Bromsgrove School, insurance was not initially the path I saw myself go down in the future. However, I have been pleasantly surprised after my experience with Gravity Risk Services!

2. Why did you decide to do work experience with Gravity Risk Services?

After being in full time education, I’ve realised my knowledge of individual work industries lacked, which I wanted to change coming out of sixth form. With my dad’s involvement in insurance, I’ve always been encouraged to work in an industry with excellent career prospects, which Gravity’s team has shown me. 

3. What kind of activities have you been involved in during your work experience?

With their efforts to involve me in their daily activities working in all claims, marketing and finance, I have experienced a portion of all components that make up Gravity Risk Services. From improving my communication skills by answering the phone to clients or partners, my confidence in communications has been heightened by the friendliness of everyone involved with Gravity, with authentic encouragement to try things I once regarded as out of my comfort zone, and consequentially tasks I now do daily without hesitation! 

Even from a simplistic view, scanning and emailing is now not as nerve racking as I once thought! With interaction within the Gravity team being a prime principle held in high regard, feedback from my colleagues was always positive, or at least involved some positivity alongside constructive criticism 😊

4. You’ve had a chance to get to know some of the Gravity family, what kind of things have you noticed about us and the way we work? Who have been your favourite staff members to work with and why?

An aspect of Gravity that I haven’t experienced quite to this extent before from other working environments is the personal relationship held between the employees, constantly encouraged by Dale & Dawn who motivate the ‘family feel’ every day. 

Having not met anyone beforehand, I have very quickly developed a relationship with many people here and have received support and care from everyone throughout my experience. A few have really stood out to me, one being Dan Jeavons, who has gone out of his way to teach me things about the job or aspects of the industry, showing me where I went wrong if I made a mistake rather than just fixing it, therefore allowing me to learn what to do and how to do it, which is a valuable skill in life. 

On top of this, both Dan and Richie have just generally shown an interest in my experiences as an individual, which has developed my communications and made me feel comfortable when coming into an unfamiliar environment, which I can now confidently say I am indeed, familiar with and proud to have been a part of! 

It’s hard to choose any favourites as I love all the people here, having made my time as easy as possible, although I have developed a personal connection with Alice and Tamara, who have enhanced my time here at Gravity, taking time to get to know me and finding tasks well suited to my admirations, with attempts to make my time working as pleasant as possible whilst also making it known that their help was available if needed. 

This is something I haven’t had too much of in previous employment and so reinforced the idea of ‘the sense of belonging’, which is not only important for the client, but the employees as well who can then translate their experience into the clients, making communications and involvement with Gravity enjoyable for everyone. 

5. What are you hoping to do in the future?

From here, I am hoping to either go to university to study Journalism as I enjoy writing and learning about different aspects of the world, or in opposition, taking an opportunity given to me by Dale in an apprenticeship here at Gravity, which I am grateful to have been offered and is a very exciting idea for me as I have developed skills and experience here that has peaked an interest in continuing work in insurance. 

6. If you could describe your experience in 3 words, what would they be?

Finally, if I could describe my experience here at Gravity in 3 words I would say driven, genuine and reliable. I choose driven because everyone within the team is working towards a new goal and always trying to achieve more, with the company’s best interest at heart, again reinforcing the idea of teamwork that Gravity is so passionate about. In some work environments, individuals are very focused on their own work which I can’t knock at all! However, everyone here was honestly interested in my previous experiences and how I felt whilst working throughout my experience. 

I chose genuine, because I could tell the day I started that the whole team are authentic and thoughtful, both in and outside the office environment. And finally, reliable, as I have noticed that everyone sticks to their promises, to both their clients and colleagues, and if they are asked to do something it will be promptly done and to the best standard they can, which is all you want in a company that’s dealing with your personal information and an aspect of your life.

Overall, my experience at Gravity has been very enjoyable and I have made some connections with some wonderful people and learnt a lot about the company itself which I would confidently recommend to whoever is looking for a trustworthy, caring and efficient group of people – Gravity is definitely the place!

Mia, you’ve been a star! From all of us at Gravity Risk Services, thank you!